The Air Bouncer has already proven its worth as a major child 'magnet' at the centres where it has been installed, both Indoor Air Bouncers and Outdoor Air Bouncers. In addition, parents love the safety aspects of this Air Bouncers product.

We guarantee that our prices will not be beaten. Our Air Bouncers come with a 5 year warranty. There is a lead time of two weeks from order and we are the only company in the United Kingdom that can customise your air bouncers with factory painted company logo/business name and safety messages.

The Air Bouncer is available in a variety of standard sizes (7.9m x 9m, 10.85m x 9m, 13.8m x 9m, 16.75m x 9m and 19.7mx9m). We primarily install air bouncers outdoors but also can install an indoor version. The Air Bouncer uses high quality canvas with the maximum UV protection (to protect against fading), also the stranded sizes should be the same as above and just on the air bouncer not for all 3 products




Our Air Bouncers material has been specially designed for use in our bouncers. So, we are very happy to offer a 5 year warranty. Our Air Bouncers material and warranty place us at the forefront of our field.


Apart from our top quality material our Air Bouncers also include; an air blower and air blower cabinet, the anchoring system, the air delivery pipe and comprehensive owner/operator manuals.


We have a choice of installation options on our Air Bouncers, different colours and sizes, 'no sand' and indoor options and can provide extras such as sun/rain covers, a wash specially designed for the canvas and a low cost cctv monitoring system.